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Mark Wittenberg supports focused businesses and projects in their strategic journey to sustainable business growth. 

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Driving growth for leading projects

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Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Mark Wittenberg
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Mark Wittenberg –A loving father, husband and compassionate business person by heart with a passion for technology, blockchain and business development. Mark is currently on the board of advisors for Voice Life, Hypersphere Technologies and CasinoCoin. In addition, his links with cryptocurrency date back to 2010 and he joined Verge Currency as a business developer and advisor in early 2018. 

Why work with me?


Providing guidance that drives business impact
and results


Ensuring a match with businesses needs and stakeholders


In-depth understanding, analysis and guidance


Supporting you directly in sales & acquisition, to improve your sales strategy, new market exploration and the scalability of your business.

Supporting you in the further development of your current and future (business level) strategy.

Supporting you to access the right audiences and influencers in various technology related industries, including blockchain and NFTs.

Supporting you in the preparation, execution and closure process of strategic negotiations with key clients, partners or stakeholders.


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